First Post; A little about me.

Welcome to Nerdy by Nature. Your home for videos and blog posts about the ever evolving world of production and post production. I’m Tim, your resident nerd. I’m a film and tv professional living in Los Angeles and I started this blog to capture some of the Napa know-how that I’ve acquired over the years and share it with you folks. This blog also serves as a creative outlet of sorts for me. I spent the first 7 years of my life in LA chasing the dream of becoming a production-company-signed Director. I did this on the side, moonlighting as it’s known. But, for the past 3 years, I’ve spent less and less time on creative endeavors and more time entrenched in the everyday monotony of my day job and life. Over these past few years I got a new job at a major studio, a new car, traveled a lot, I got married and I had a son. In retrospect, I’ve determined that it’s been far too long and it’s once again time for me to dust off that creative part of my brain and get the juices flowing again. Enter, Nerdy x Nature. This is the place where you’ll find both narrative work and videos for their own sake. You’ll find technical tutorials and how to videos, creative ideas and how to execute them, thoughts on filmmaking and the state of the business and ideas about storytelling shaped for the ever evolving mediums at our disposal. I’ve got a whole slate of material planned for the coming months and I’m hoping that you’ll find yourself back here time and again. In the meantime, please subscribe to my youtube channel and check back soon! Thanks for visiting.




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