Hey there! I’m Tim and I make moving pictures with whatever tools I have at my disposal. In the past, my advertising and music video work as a director has been featured on Devour.com, SpaceShip, CMT, MTV Japan, Adweek, Adland and Ad Freak. I’ve collaborated with musicians, brands and YouTube Personalities alike. I started this blog and accompanying YouTube Channel after a few years of being in a creative slump and focusing more energy on travel and life stuff than super serious directing projects. While I’ve certainly put less attention on creating content over these last few years, I have not lost sight of the industry at large. In fact, my days are filled with ensuring that clients get on-air at 3:30p sharp and that’s through highly technical means. I guess what I mean to say is that I can’t help it, I’m Nerdy by Nature, and I’ve let that part of me rule my professional life over the past few years. But now, it’s time to simultaneously give back by sharing some of the knowledge that I’ve acquired after 10+ years in the industry and kick myself in the ass to create again. This blog and youtube channel kill both birds with one stone and I hope you like what you find!

For business inquiries, please visit my contact page at www.whothehellistim.com